My Camp America Experience: part 1

  Not many people know, but I did Camp America and I did it for four summers and they were the best summers of my life and it’s pretty hard to top it. 

I don’t really know where to start, four years is a lot of memories and experiences so I think I will start with what I got out of Camp America. Plus the last time I went was in 2012 so it was quite a while ago to remember everything. 

My camp was in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California so it’s fair to say California is my all time favourite place. Below is a view from one of the highest places in camp called ‘Inspiration Point’ and as you can see it looks amazing.


I have always been a shy person and find it hard to open up to people so I prefer being with one or two other people not massive groups. When I was college I always remember one of my teachers saying that I would never cope doing Camp America because of that reason. Well he was wrong, as soon as I got over there everyone was so welcoming and friendly. 

  My camp was a Girl Scout camp which meant we were in tents, so we were assigned tents and I became pretty close friends with a girl and we hung out loads during our breaks. Being an international member of staff meant on our breaks we could either stay at camp and do day trips to the closest town or go home with an American. In fact I made so many close friends, but as always you loose touch with them. But hopefully I might see one this summer when they visit London which will be exciting.  

 Within my four years at camp I had three job roles, my first and second year I was a unit counsellor which meant I just did a variety of programs. My third year I became the Adventure Counselor which meant I was going on all the ‘out trips’ such as kayaking, surfing, road trips and so much more. And my final year I was the Adventure Leader which meant I lead the trips and had a group of counsellors to help me. 

Our camp had 5 sessions every summer and these were split into A and B and each time you got new campers. Some campers returned a lot throughout the summer so you got to know them aswell. 

Anyone thinking about doing Camp America, do it! You won’t regret it, I am so happy I went and got to have all these amazing experiences and meet amazing people.  


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